Mastitis is an inflammatory reaction in the form of swelling, heat, redness, pain of the mammary gland leading to decreased milk production, milk quality, cow health and high treatment cost. CLEANMAST™ – ORAL is a unique Proprietary formulation that helps to control & act against mastitis causing organisms mainly S.aureus & S. agalactiae.


  • Destroys pathogens before they colonize.
  • Limits the maximal infection with immediate effect.
  • Gives better relief to the animal.
  • Avoids milk contamination.
  • Acts as a strong antimicrobial, anti-Inflammatory, Immunogenic & analgesic agent.


10 – 20 ml per application and twice a day and in case of gangrene use up to 1month or as per the advise of a veterinarian.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid from direct sunlight.

Presentation: 500ml, 1L and in bulk pails