Our Zero discharge & Zero emission environment friendly controlled manufacturing facility in India is a state of the art one with dedicated fermentation trains for each product class where entire process is controlled and monitored by the finest PLC and SCADA systems with solid state & submerged fermentation facilities complemented by a wide array of sophisticated downstream capabilities, air handling systems and fully automated formulation and packing lines with ability to produce in different forms and in varying pack sizes, all these enable us to manufacture a whole gamut of products besides enabling us have complete control on the entire process and also enables us provide end to end solutions to our clients.

Our upstream capabilities include solid state and submerged aerobic and anaerobic fermentation facilities, reaction under various parameters and downstream capabilities include high speed, high G centrifugation, ultra filtration, recovery, spray drying, lyophilization, encapsulation, blending and packaging lines with the highest level of automation at each and every process/step. And we continuously upgrade our facility to incorporate latest technologies to meet customer requirements and to keep our facility a state of the art one at any given point of time.