Reproduction in cattle is a significant factor in terms of economics. Cattle rearing is not profitable for farmers when there is an absence of regular breeding and calving at an appropriate time. Conception is the key to cattle breeding. CONTRUSTâ„¢ is a combination of fatty acids, natural herbal extract, vitamins and minerals intended for the improvement of the conception rate. CONTRUSTâ„¢ can be used after natural mating or even after artificial insemination.


  • Helps in synthesis of progesterone responsible for uterus preparation
  • Improves the ovulation and conception rate
  • Improves uterine turgidity, tone and contraction
  • Improves movement of sperms and ovum
  • Helps in implantation on the uterine lining
  • Decreases the uterine infections and maintains uterine health


10-20 ml per animal before and after 1 week of menstruation and after natural/ artificial insemination or as advised by the veterinarian

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Presentation: 500ml and bulk pails