MINBIO – P is a combination of microbial digested trace minerals designed for higher bioavailability and retention in the birds. MINBIO – P supplements the essential trace mineral requirement for all stages of poultry, ensures flock uniformity and productivity.


  • Aids in optimum health & physiological functions
  • Helps in muscle development and skeletal integrity
  • Enhances absorption, retention and utilization of minerals
  • Improves gut health and immune response
  • Better egg quality in layers & breeders and meat quality & yield in broilers
  • Enhances litter quality and avoids environmental issues
  • Prevents footpad lesions and improves eggshell quality
  • Maximize production & profitability

Dosage & Usage:

Broilers/ Layers: 500g per ton of feed

Breeders: 1 kg per ton of feed

As a performance booster: Add 250g per ton of feed (as top dressing)

Note: Dosage needs to be tailored based on the feed formulation/ flock specific requirement on the advice of a poultry nutritionist.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid from direct sunlight.

Presentation: 5kg multi-walled food grade poly bags and bulk pails