MINBIO-R™ is an organic trace mineral mainly containing all essential minerals and other nutrients specially formulated , well balanced and targeted  for ruminants that ensures and maintains the health , wellbeing and  productivity of the cattle.Nutrient matrix in MINBIO-R™ is specially processed using a biotech process to ensure highest bioavailability of trace minerals and other nutrients present in the formulation that aids in keeping optimum mineral balance in the body, maintaining the reproductive and general health of the cattle besides helping ensure optimum productivity.


  • Improves fat content, milk quality and quantity consistently
  • Improves immune responses and reduces stress/strain
  • Improves digestibility reducing cost of production
  • Helps maintain the optimum reproductive cycle
  • Prevents the incidences of breeding complications
  • Improves skin coat, muscle, bone health and metabolism
  • Improves growth of calves, fertility rate and cattle general health


10g per animal

Dosage may be adjusted as per the advice of a veterinarian/nutritionist.


Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight


300g zipper seal pouch and bulk pails