PHYTOSTOP is a special formulation that safeguards the health of poultry through Immunomodulation. PHYTOSTOP possess several health promoting effects that promotes immune efficacy there by improving liveability, health and performance.


  • Stimulates non-specific immunity against bacterial and viral challenges
  • Maintains gut integrity and prevents the proliferation of pathogens
  • Improves vaccine titers
  • Increases feed intake during endemic conditions
  • Supports intestinal activities and improves nutrient absorption
  • Improves growth,FCR and body weight
  • Regular supplementation boosts immunity and results in the healthy flock
  • Improves and speeds up recovery during infections
  • Prevents manifestation of endemic condition into infectious conditions

Normal Conditions as Pr
eventive: 1ml per 1L of water
In Endemic Conditions:2ml per 1L of water
Broilers:First 7 days in the first water of the day
In feed:
Commercial:250ml per ton of
feed and Breeder:500ml per ton of feed
Dosage may be adjusted depending on the flock’s condition or as advised by the veterinarian/poultry nutritionist.

Storage: Store in a cool,dry place and avoid direct sunlight

Presentation: 500 ml & 1L food grade plastic bottles and bulk pails