SUPERSHIELD™ is a natural biosecurity enhancer that works in a synergy with the habitat biochemical environment suitable for a wide range of applications in poultry aquaculture,dairy and further processing and is effective against bacterial and viral outbreaks keeping the shrimp, fish & livestock healthy. As a feed supplement, improves the hematological parameters, immunity, overall health and relieves environmental stress in fish, shrimp and other species while improving the feed digestion and keeping the feed contamination free.


  • Controls the surge of harmful pathogens
  • Defends the shrimp/fish against bacterial,algal,fungal and protozoan induced problems in aquaculture
  • Helps control fungus ,fouling in ponds and prevents algal crash
  • Improves water quality
  • Avoids stress and helps in moulting of shrimps
  • Improves the hematological parameters and helps combat environmental stress
  • Safe to be used as a feed additive



Biosecurity: 10ml in 1L water

Empty sheds: 10-20ml in 1L of water

Water quality enhancer: 1ml/10-20 L of water

Drinking water: 1ml/2-3L of water for 3-5 days


Fogging: 3-5ml/20L of water

Aerial spray: 5ml/10L of water

Equipment: 3-5ml/L of water

Teatdip/udder wash, cleaning of hands: 5ml/L of water

Drinking water: 2-3ml/10-20L of water depending on the water quality

CIP circulation: 3-5ml/L of water

In Aquaculture(Shrimp/Fish)/Animal feed: 1ml/kg of feed

In pond: 1L/1000m2

Dosage may be adjusted as per the advice of a veterinarian/nutritionist/aquaculture technician

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight

Presentation: 1L and bulk pails