EU-GUT™ is a NEW GENERATION synbiotic with proven efficacy for overall gut health management in poultry. It is a well-researched, full-spectrum synbiotic product designed with host-specific proprietary probiotic strains and water-soluble prebiotic consortium. EU-GUT™ delivers an array of health benefits to commercial poultry birds with demonstrated Return On Investment.


Bacillus subtilis MI101
Bacillus coagulans MI105
Bacillus megaterium MI114
Bacillus mesentericus MI118
Enterococcus faecium MI213


  • Reduces gut pathogenic load, induces eubiosis
  • Improves intestinal health & overall gut integrity
  • Minimises oxidative stress, prevents leaky gut
  • Maximises digestibility & nutrient absorption
  • Modulates immunity, reduces flock mortality
  • Ensures dry litter, reduces soiled eggs
  • Cuts down emission of ammonia & other harmful gases
  • Reduces the impact of toxins
  • Improves broilers weight and production levels in layers & breeders


Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight


100g, 1kg, 20kg and customized pack